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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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for vic. here's what people are talking about. >> reporter: he was a father, husband, teacher a lifelong military man. tonight his remains are being turned to the dover air force base in delaware. mayor marshanti worked as an advisor and mentor. one of those afghan policeman assassinated marshanti and another officer inside the police station in kabul. that after a suspected burning of a quran. >> my dad, he was a good man. >> reporter: the news devastating to his wife and four children. >> he said take care of mommy. take care of mommy. >> take care of mommy. take care of my sweetheart if anything happens to me. so that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: before taking full time work. marshanti spent years as a phys-
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ed teacher for several baltimore schools. thousands of consoling messages are pouring in. >> he was the kind of person who came in to the room, and just just calmed it down. >> when he got his job with the army he said he had two passions in life one was working with kids and the other was being a soldier and he was so fortunate to do both. >> he was a gentle giant. he was unaposing. >> he is the 12th maryland guards man to lose his life in the global war on terror. >> it's really touching to see how many people's lives he did touch. >> reporter: mayor marshanti's killer still on the lose. the military says they know who that person is and there's an active search to find him. derek valcourt. >> thank you very much derek. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan has withdrawn all
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military advisors from the afghan ministry buildings. violation of trust, the security officer at a hospital arrested for trying to attack a patient. porter followed a woman from a hospital offering her money for a bus ticket. she followed him back into the building, he tried to rape her. police are stepping up patrols at the university of maryland in a different story after a female student woke up to find a man touching her leg inside the college park dorm room. police say the student's roommate walked in and the suspect ran off. witnesses said two men were walking the hall, juggling door handles to find unlocked rooms. police say a fellow student pulled the trigger at an ohio
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high school. the suspect is in custody. >> reporter: parents cried and hugged their children outside chardon high school after a student opened fire in a school cafeteria during breakfast. one student is dead and four injured. >> we feel so, so disheartened. >> reporter: a teacher may have saved lives by running after the suspect. >> one of the teachers happened to chase the shooting suspect out of the building, immediately at that point our officers entered the building, went to the fire injured students that were injured. and got ems in there right behind the door behind him. >> reporter: police say there was just one shooter and that he turned himself in. students who witnessed the attack said there was chaos with people screaming and running down the halls. >> 1100 students are enrolled at chardon high school. about 20 miles outside chief cleveland. parents describe it as a close nit community. teachers ushered the students out of the building and into
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the elementary school across the street. parents lined up outside to collect their kids. >> i hope every parent if you haven't hugged our kissed your kid in the last few days just take that time. >> reporter: officials say the victims are four boys and a girl. one witness says he recognized the shooter as an outcast that may have been bullied. since he's a juvenile, police have not identified the suspect. they're running a background check to trace where he got his gun. police are planning a candlelight vigil tomorrow evening and is making grief counselors available to both students and teachers. a man is recovering tonight after he was shot after catching a robber in the act. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: earlier today a judge denied the suspect bail and even though he is behind
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bars tonight, neighbors say they are still on edge. in a quiet community less than half a mile from downtown townsend neighbors are shocked that someone here was shot. >> we had never heard of anything like that that violent. >> it's a very family oriented neighborhood. very safe, that's why i think a lot of families come here. >> reporter: police say early sunday morning, 49-year-old bradford steven fowler broke into this home on the 700 block of allegheny avenue when the homeowner a 65-year-old man came home to find him. a couple of blocks away an officer spotted hollop and pulled him over. inside his vehicle they found some of the victim property. >> we are still not sure what he was looking for.
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that's still part of the investigation. >> reporter: neighbor paula lacant is worry had the crime here is escalating. >> it seems that recently things are beginning to pick up. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the victim's house has been burglarized. but there are only so many precautions residents can take. >> you can only do you know alarms and a dog, you know and just trying to be safe. hollups now facing attempted murder and assault charges. he has an extensive criminal record. he is already on parol for attempted murder, rape and burglary. reporting live in townsend, andrea fujii. andrea, thank you. police are still investigating but don't believe the victim was targeted. he is expected to make a full recovery. well, after a chilly gusty weekend, temperatures are on their way up again. a live look outside right now. hard to believe february is coming to an end. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are updating this
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fantastic forecast. >> it's hard to believe february ever started around here. pretty amazing. more like march or april. let's take a look at radar. nothing going on. just a few clouds dusting through. we're still at 61 degrees with a 9-mile an hour southbound wind. the barometer holding steady. take a look at temperatures across the state. boy is it nice. 61 here, haggers town and washington. it is cooler up at the mountains. by the cold atlantic ocean 62, compared to yesterday ocean city is 11 degrees warmer. we're 16 degrees warmer and hagerstown 18 degrees warmer than just yet. pretty amazing stuff. we do need some rain. looks like we'll see some here wednesday. we'll have the current deficits for the region. >> while it's been beautiful the, we really are beginning to build that deficit. we're going to take you through some of the numbers. we ended 2011 way above average
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for our rainfall. since then that's really shot up. for the year we're 2-1/2 inches below our average for the month alone we're nearly 2-inches below average. as bob said there is some rain headed our way on wednesday. much needed rain but right after the temperatures are going back up. the battle over the bottle tax increase picks up steam. moments ago the may mayor's plan is introduced at the baltimore city council meeting. but as monique griego reports, the battle is growing. >> reporter: union workers, beverage companies and taxpayers all banned together. they're expected to raise the
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tax from two to 5-cents. >> we struggle every day to keep things going. >> reporter: sandy owns buy right. she fears that higher taxes will send people to the county. >> we're going to lose the beverage sales but the rest of the people's basket. >> reporter: the debate has been ranging for several months now and those who support it are just that passionate. >> i feel very comfortable moving forward that this is something we can use to help change the landscape when it comes to the fiscal need, the physical needs for our schools. the mayor estimates the tax hike will bring in $10 million a year and increase the city's contribution to school construction by 140%. opponents say they know the schools need help but don't believe bottles are the way to do it. >> you can't tell me they can't come up with an alternative plan to take the money off
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working class people. monique griego. the mayor's tax is part of the mayor's better school initiative. still to come, gone too soon. a 10-year-old dead and police say it started over a fight other a boy. he's 16 and accused of killing his dad inside this home in bell air. i'm mike hellgren, i'll tell you what happened to a teenager inside a hartford county courtroom. thousands of baltimore students headed to china, how they're getting ready. and another incredible evening. stick around for the forecast, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some new details tonight in a case in hartford county. a teen accused of murdering his father in his home. mike has the latest for us. >> reporter: the court vacated his arrangement today. his lawyer entered an appearance. and we're learning more about how the case will progress. >> reporter: what will happen to 16-year-old robert richardson iii. the teenager who shot his father to death last month and who's case is divided and shaken this close nit community. it's a case that weighs on the
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loved ones. >> it just hit me right here, right here in the center of my heart that the boy snapped. >> reporter: investigators described a crime scene, pools of blood throughout the family's home in bell air. friends and family members believe richards a high school student was abused. although prosecutors have yet to reveal a motive. thousands of supporters launched a facebook page collecting donations for his defense they've now raised enough money to hire a private attorney. >> he is aware of us now. and he cried. he is a ware of us now. he's just a baby. he's a boy. >> reporter: police say richardson has admitted to them that he killed his dad but some question whether he should be tried in juvenile court. the state's attorney says by law richardson must be tried at an adult and plans to personally prosecute the case. wjz has learned prosecution and defense lawyers will meet in two weeks where they plan to set a trial date.
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while loved ones wait and worry whether this teenager has any chance at freedom. >> i know there were so many signs that something was wrong at that house and too many people looked the other way. >> richardson is charged with first and second degree murder and a firearm charge he's being held on no bond. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. all right, mike. thank you. authorities found the body of richardson's father in a pond just a few miles from where he was killed. more people are sickened after drinking raw mill -- raw milk. nine people had to be hospitalized for their illnesses, the raw milk is unpastturized. the sale is banned here in maryland. putting more money in community banks. a group of small business owners ban together to call on maryland lawmakers to support the land local act. the bill instructs the state
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treasurer to give maryland community banks a preference when it comes to depositing money instead of the big out of state banks. this could create hundreds of jobs. 54 baltimore area students are headed to china next month but before they go a rare chance to find out exactly what it'll be like. >> reporter: soon to be exchange students come face to face with current exchange students from china. >> you can read all the stuff in textbooks and online but that doesn't give you the experience you get from someone who actually live there is. the chinese students are here through an exchange program through the baltimore county schools but they took time to visit with the students to get them prepped to a journey to their home country next month. they are exchanges tips about culture, sites not to miss. >> the great wall. >> yeah, they can't miss that. >> reporter: and of course what they should eat.
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>> they should find out about chinese food. >> yes. >> chinese food, very different from american food. >> reporter: and the students from china are teaching them a few key words for their visit. >> hello in chinese is ne hao. >> and what about goodbye? >> the students will spend eight days in china visiting eight cities. while the students here from china will go home in eight weeks. >> i think american people are very friendly. >> the trip to china is with keeping with educational opportunities. >> that's an opportunity i wouldn't mind having, boy. >> i tell you. dewpoint way down. humidity very dry air.
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southwest winds came in, really warmed us up. the barometer is rising, we'll take a look at the cooler but sunny tuesday right after this. ,,,,,,,,
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we have breaking news to tell you about right now, a bicyclists struck a car in hartford county. captain mike perry has more for us. >> reporter: hello denise. it happened about half an hour ago on southbound route 55 west
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of i95. this o -- motor vehicle that you see struck a motorcyclists. a medivac was initially called but it was going to take state police too long to get here so they took that person to shock trauma. the person that was driving that car that struck that bicyclists is now being issued a field sobriety test by the trooper investigating the scene. the maryland state police continue this accident investigation. there's no word on the condition of the victims, back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry live on sky high chopper 13. bob turk is here, and beautiful weather. beautiful weather again. >> most of the month has been pretty amazing. a couple of cold days here and there but that's about it. by the end of this month we'll
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let you know just how warm it's been this winter. it's been the warmest wait -- warmest winter we have experienced. cooler air will start moving in by tomorrow. that's with these clouds are, 61 in washington, haguer stown. 55 in elkton, east ton, ocean city by the ocean air 52. also in oakland over 2,000 feet up at 52 degrees. locally temperatures ranging from the mid- to upper 50s again to some low 60s even now. it got up to 54 at the airport. the average high only 48. this morning it was 25. pretty amazing. clear, cold, light winds. dry air, temperature really went down. and the average low is actually at 29 now. so we actually, 76 and nine the records on this date.
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that 194 by 194 -- 1934 we had the coldest weather recorded. southwest winds continue to bring the mild air in. indicating a weak frontal boundary will be crossing the area right now. basically it's a wind change. tomorrow we will drag in a little cooler air. probably eight to 10 degrees cooler than today. you probably heard about daytona being rained out. that's never happened before. an old front stalled out. look at all that rain across northern and central florida. fort myers in the sunshine. south of the rain, upper 80s today. the nation's high. really warm and summery down there. not much going on to the west. moisture beginning to flow down tomorrow. a warm front is going to be forming across the ohio valley by tuesday night and wednesday. that same front with moisture coming up from the gulf of mexico will bring us rain and much cooler temperatures because winds go back to the
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east off the atlantic ocean which is cool and damp just like we saw. tomorrow's high pressure. a lot of sunshine, a nice day. a little cooler yes, wednesday the clouds come in, good chance of rain and temps probably staying in the mid-40s. tonight clear skies, yeah down around 33 to maybe 38 by the inner harbor. tomorrow another mild day. cooler than today but sunshine for the most part some clouds coming in by tomorrow night. and good chance to see rain here on wednesday. so you can prepare your week for that. >> that's okay. it's still warm. >> we do need the rain as you menaced. >> thanks, bob. he went to high school in howard county and now he's a star in the nfl. aaron maven returned to baltimore to promote arts in education. ron mats has more on the gift
6:25 pm
and important message he brought with him. >> reporter: there's music, dance and art at the patterson park charter school. something the students clearly love. >> i just really, it's very important to me. it's a way for me to escape and express my feelings. >> reporter: the in fact,'s aaron maven told me art was important to him growing up in baltimore. >> you're in an environment where you have so many factors around you that are pulling you in a million different tkráebgs you need things like art to keep you leveled headed -- different directions. you need things like art to keep you leveled headed and sound. >> reporter: today young artists are providing funds for schools. the patterson park charter school is one of 20 schools in the city receiving grant money. >> young audiences, these other agencies like these. they are very, very important to what we do as a system. and as a city.
6:26 pm
important for an nfl star and the students he met today. >> just express yourself and let other people do what they do. >> even though it takes us coming into the classrooms to do a program like this off on our own. that's what we're going to do. >> ron max, wjz eyewitness news. and aaron maven is a graduate of mount mevran high school. $25,000 in grants were handed out today. >> that's terrific. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news, just in time for spring training important changes to one of the most important sports in the country. new details on guidelines for children who play baseball. danger in the line of duty. maryland firefighters injured fighting a house fire. the latest on their condition. and growing outrage, new attacks and more killings in afghanistan. what can be done to end it.
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it is just before 6:30, it is clear and 31 degrees. good evening thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about
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tonight. a national guard soldier and teacher from maryland has been killed amidst the growing violence in afghanistan. mayor robert marchanti was among those killed. before deployment he thought pe. there continues to be outrage after the alleged burning of a quran. >> reporter: a bomber struck as u.s. forces were coming off duty. the blast killed at least eight afghans and injured dozens more. the taliban called the attack pay back for the quran burnings at a u.s. air base on monday. over the weekend, an afghan
6:31 pm
police killed two. riots are ranging across afghanistan despite continued apologies from president obama and military commanders who have called the quran burnings an accident. >> we deeply regret the incident that has led to these protests. we are condemning it in the strongest possible terms. >> reporter: furious protesters threw a hand grenade into a u.s. base in northern afghanistan on saturday injuring seven american special forces. the violence prompted the united nations to evacuate their staff from the area. despite the pull back, commanders say america is committed to its mission in afghanistan. a mission that involves training afghan troops u.s. soldiers aren't always sure they can trust. gina krauss. 40 people have been killed so far in protest related and
6:32 pm
related attacks for the quran burnings. a 10-year-old girl is dead and police it started from a fight over a boy. blunt force trauma killed joanna roma who collapsed at her home after a fight on friday. she was rushed to the hospital but she did after surgery for a blood clot on her brain. detectives have interviewed family and friends of both children. so far no arrests in the case. an anne arundel county man faces a long list of charges tonight after a fight in the parking lot at arundel mills mall. after a brief pursuit collins pulled over and was arrested. he faces numerous offenses.
6:33 pm
two firefighters are hospitalized tonight after injuries suffered while fighting a fire at a home. >> although some of us are strangers, we're all the same. >> reporter: parents of the three fire fighters with the most severe injuries recall the harrowing moments after receiving the phone call. >> took the longest ride in the world, 3-1/2 hours since new york without knowing what to expect. >> reporter: otulle has 40% burns. terrell has respiratory system burns and is breathing through a tube. >> he's in some pain from the tubes and all but other than that ethan is doing well. >> reporter: the third firefighters mike mccleary has severe burns to his hands and bruised ribs. firefighters are still trying to determine how that fire began. >> there was fire showing from both sides of the home and the
6:34 pm
rear. we attempted to darken down the fire from both sides first. >> attention all units, evacuation zoning. >> reporter: they are nevertheless united by an unbreakable bond. all three firefighters are expected to be okay. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. and at least nine apartments were damaged in the fire. the debate over same-sex marriage dominated the first half of the general assembly session now the second half will be dominated by the budget. lawmakers must come up with a way to close the projected $1 billion deficit. governor martin o'malley has proposed adding a 6-cents sells tax to every gallon of gas. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you will
6:35 pm
find on tomorrow's baltimore sun. con artists collecting debts that people don't even owe. and checking in were orioles pitcher alfredo simon who this time a year ago was facing a murder charge in the dominican republic. baseball and softball season are quickly approaching to pediatricians are issuing new guidelines to protect young athletes from getting hurt. terrell brown reports for wjz with details. >> reporter: ryan venezia is learning how to play baseball from the pros. >> i want to try my best to be in the mlb because like i want, i want to be a first baseman in there and all that. >> he's only 9 years old so his dad wants to make sure he's taking precautions.
6:36 pm
>> not overusing them. making sure they stretch before a game. >> reporter: the american association of pediatricians is correct training. >> they wind up causing bone problems as well as muscle problems. >> reporter: baseball is one of the most popular sports in the u.s. more than 1 million kids ages 6 to 18 organize ize recreational leagues. young pitchers should also not pitch competitively more than eight months of the year. the. >> there's a will the of stuff, a lot of information out there that gives you the guidelines, but the guidelines have to be followed. >> reporter: ryan's dad is glad his son is learning the right way to play right off the bat. because he doesn't want his son
6:37 pm
to end up in the disabled list. terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. guidelines also call for children to wear the right safety equipment and that those with the lowest skill levels should use the lowest impact balls when they play. still to come on wjz news. santorum's surge could get a win over romney. i'm bob turk, the first look at the weather center, more mild temperatures but rain as well. i'll have the exclusive ty -- exclusive five day forecast. >> wj,,,,,,,,
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thug boats to pull them the shore to pull the ship that is. this is the same company that owns the costa concordia which
6:41 pm
run aground killing 34 people. 20 cruise ship passengers are robbed. the group went on a hiking tour. but during their hike, a man robbed them of their cash. carnival says it is reimbursing the victims for their belongings. mitt romney and rick santorum are neck in neck going into tomorrow's primary in michigan and arizona. danielle nottingham reports from detroit. >> reporter: mitt romney told workers in his home state of michigan that he'll be better at turning around the economy than rick santorum. >> i've spent 25 years in business. i understand santorum is a nice guy but he's never had a job in the private-sector. >> reporter: michigan and arizona hold primaries on tuesday but both men have concentrated in michigan. the two candidates are in a virtual dead heat.
6:42 pm
santorum is trying to convince voters that he's the true conservative in this state. >> i don't believe in government telling us what to do. we need someone like that running against barack obama not someone who did obama care light. >> reporter: in detroit cars are king. and both romney and santorum opposed the government bail out of the auto companies. but that isn't stopping the front runners from reaching out to auto workers who will be voting in the republican primary. terry bowman says he's part of the growing number of conservatives. >> it's not the case where union members are primarily democrats. there's a lot of diverseification out there. >> reporter: bowman works on the production line at ford and took a big pay cut when the union collapsed. he says he needs more than jobs. >> i really wanted to know who best represented not only my view but what's best in michigan for job creation, job growth. that's why i finally chose mitt romney. >> reporter: with the race so
6:43 pm
close both romney and santorum arefocussed on getting their supporters to the polls on tuesday. many detroit michigan. daniel nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. ron paul and newt gingrich are trailing far behind in the michigan poll. >> scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up. >> one student is in custody today following that deadly shooting at an ohio high school. we'll have all the latest on the investigation including reports the suspect may have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:47 pm
tomorrow we start off mostly sunny skies. we're in the 30s as we head through the afternoon. still sunshine out there just a few clouds and cooler than today but still low 50s. then tomorrow evening we'll see those clouds come in as the next storm moves our way but denise it's in the form of rain. for the rest of the five day here's bob. >> most snowstorms end this month. it's pretty typical but we're not going to see that. 50degrees tomorrow, 55 on thursday. more sunshine and a chance of more rain as we start the weekend. look how mild it gets. maybe even thunder. >> on the red carpet and to the post oscar parties. >> coming up, you saw the oscars now we can only tell you what the stars did after the show we're taking you inside
6:48 pm
the exclusive vanity fair party but first the star body parts that stole the show. >> angelina's eggs, jennifer's breasts. was her dress too sheer. at the after party, jennifer showed off her second sheer dress. >> they weren't ready for it. so we were like, we're one, two, three and then we're like. >> reporter: less than three hours after angie walked the carpet her legs had their own twitter account with over 5,000 followers. after the show, chaos as brad, angelia, george and stacy left craig's restaurant on melrose. of course, the place to be was vanity fair. tom and katy posting with the
6:49 pm
beckhams. claire and later with jane. sandra bullock chatting it up with chris rock. tonight from gweneth and tom ford to viola and v era weijia jiang, -- v era wang, we have the full line up. >> annual fashion break down. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. it's been a long dry spell for the o's. but adam jones is upbeat during spring training. >> mike has the latest on the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? every season a new beginning, mark is here with wjz the fan sports. >> looking for sunshine at o's stadium. literally and figuratively as well. bryan roberts has been an oriole for all 11 years of his mayor league career. he has not enjoyed a winning season. it's been six years for nick markakis. it's hard to imagine how the players stay positive.
6:53 pm
adam jones certainly hates losing. i spoke to him numerous times about the frustrations he's felt. he has enjoyed individual success. he's won a gold glove award but it is a team sport. and on our masn sports training report, jones talks about dedicating himself about being a positive teammate heading into 2012. >> i just want to lead by example. obviously i'm a vocal guy. i just want to tell people that i have your back. let's just come out here and play the game hard every single day and respect this game. and be able to sleep at night knowing that we played the game as best as we could that day. >> orioles news emerged over the weekend to news of wata of japan, he's suffering pain from his elbow. he's been shut down for an
6:54 pm
indefinite period of time. wata says he's experienced the condition before. he signed to be part of the starting rotation. down the road in dc, the washington nationals continue to spend moneying at a stunning rate. the latest a $100 million contract extension for ryan zimmerman. the six year deal will pay zimmerman 17 million per season only alex rodriguez is paid more as a third baseman. his contract following the $126 million year that the mets gave werth a year ago. the nascar racing begins with the biggest event of the year the daytona 500. but rain in florida has kept the action on hold. there's hope now to get the rays under way -- get the race under way tonight. all they've seen are slow riding trucks attempting to get the speed way ready for what is now 57: -- now is 7:00 p.m.
6:55 pm
they're on target for a start in minutes from now. in basketball who says they don't play defense at all star games. kobe bryant would beg to differ and he has a broken nose to prove it courtesy of dwayne wade. the free flowing display of offense included wayne wacking kobe on the nose not on purpose. bryant surpassed michael jordan for the most career points in all star game history. finally the latest college lacrosse rankings have john hopkins up to number two in the nation. after a 3-0 start. the jay's stand behind virginia. hopkins beat sienna this weekend. they have princeton coming up on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs prime time line
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>> pelley: tonight, a steadly shooting in a high school cafeteria. police say a student opened fire on classmates in ohio. michelle miller is on the scene. can romney win his home state of michigan? on the eve of the primary, he's neck in neck with santorum. reports from dean reynolds and chip reid. who's to blame for japan's nuclear disaster? lucy craft on a scathing new report. and with bullying often a factor in school shootings, elaine quijano with an extraordinary woman on a mission. >> bullying damages you for life and i know because i'm damaged. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we start tonight with a story that sent a chill through parents today-- parents who send their kids to school trusting and hoping that they will be safe. but in one


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